Started from an “Idea Pitch” in an MBA class, Elegance24seven has become a reality in meeting the needs of Canadian women.
Ademilola, a new immigrant from Nigeria, noticed that hair extensions in Canadian market are over-priced and the available styles are very limited. In her words, “I couldn’t find suppliers for hair extensions near me. I found the product I wanted online, so I ordered it from the USA. Upon arrival of the shipment, I was stunned to find an additional brokerage fee of $60. It was a high price to pay on top of the expensive cost of the hair itself.”
Given the influx of immigrants and the rise in number of women who use hair extension, the hair extensions business is far from reaching its potential, believes Ademilola. She decided to take a deeper look at the situation for an “Idea Pitch” assignment in one of her MBA classes. The initial analysis spurred serious thought on creating an online business in Canada. She came up with an e-commerce business idea to sell quality and trending hair products that cater for women of all cadres.
Her childhood experience of helping her mom to sell in Idumota Market in Lagos Island, Nigeria along with her career experience as an auditor/ compliance officer in financial institution and knowledge from the ASPER MBA program have all helped shaped Ademilola. She identified how to source quality products, deliver them to customers at most reasonable price and shortest delivery time. The Asper MBA program helped Ademilola in many ways to get the idea started. These include providing her with the confidence to launch the business; offering a range of contacts and mentors to help answer questions, and giving tools such as accounting and financing, sales and marketing needed to start up.
She has since shared her ideas with two other ASPER MBA graduates Victor and Ting and also with another friend- Fred. Victor as the CFO, supports the technical and financial analysis, Fred helps with inventory management whereas, Ting brings a wealth of marketing and retail sales experience.
Elegance24seven gained tremendous supports from Asper MBA Community. As a big family, the Asper MBA community supports the business through contributing their intelligence of marketing, legal affairs, and publicity.
We encourage entrepreneurship and leadership among new immigrants in Canada. The elegance24seven team currently works with a number of African entrepreneur start-ups both in Canada and in Nigeria. Besides, we work closely with immigrant communities including African Student Unions, Nigerians in Manitoba, Ghanaians in Manitoba, African Women Entrepreneurs and other African communities to inspire leadership. See FAQ.
Environmentally friendly
We care about our universe; our hair package is creatively designed with the environment and end user in mind. The reusable packaging made of leather quality material is easy to use, handy on a trip and designed for prolonged usage.
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