Our Story—Entrepreneurship; Community; Creativity

Entrepreneurship--Elegance24seven is a start-up founded by Ademilola, an Asper MBA graduate at University of Manitoba. The business idea was generated from an “Idea Pitch” in one of the MBA classes. Ademilola, a new immigrant from Nigeria, noticed that hair extensions in Canadian market are over-priced and the available styles are very limited. Given the influx of immigrants and the rise in number of women who use hair extension, the hair extensions business is far from reaching its potential. Ademilola came up with an e-commerce business idea to sell quality and trending hair products that cater for women of all cadres. Her career experience and new knowledge from the MBA
helped in identifying how quality products could be delivered to customer’s at most reasonable price and fastest delivery time. Ademilola is the president who is in charge of products sourcing, supply chain, and management. She has since shared her ideas with two other ASPER MBA graduates Victor and Ting.
Victor as the CFO, supports the technical analysis, financial analysis and inventory management while Ting brings a wealth of marketing and retail business experience.
Community--Elegance24seven gained tremendous supports from Asper MBA Community. As a big family, Asper MBA community support this business through contributing their intelligence of marketing, legal affairs, and publicity. We encourage entrepreneurship and leadership among new
immigrants in Canada. The elegance24seven team currently works with a number of African entrepreneurs start-ups both in Canada and in Nigeria. Besides, we work close with immigrant communities including African Student Unions, Nigerians in Manitoba, Ghanaian in Manitoba, African Women Entrepreneurs and other African communities to inspire leadership.

Creativity—Elegance24seven 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of Virgin Remy hair. The hair is specially sorted with the curticles facing one direction.

Environmentally friendly- The hair packaging is creatively designed with the end user in mind. The reusable packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to unpack.

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